FAQ - SECO 2019 Move to New Orleans

Why is SECO leaving Atlanta?

The reason for this move is that Atlanta will be hosting the Super Bowl in 2019, which impacted our dates - and the dates of other shows - in such a way as to be cost prohibitive for SECO, our exhibitors, and our attendees. We are excited to bring SECO to a new city and believe that this move will energize the meeting on all fronts - education, exhibits and events.

Where exactly in New Orleans will SECO 2019 be held?

SECO 2019 will be in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Hall H-J. The recently-remodeled, world-class convention center is located on the Mississippi River, in the heart of the downtown New Orleans.

Will SECO return to Atlanta?

Yes, SECO will be back in Atlanta on March 4-8, 2020.

Has SECO ever been held outside of Atlanta?

Prior to 1958, SECO was held in cities around the Southeast but 2019 will be the first time outside of Atlanta since 1957.

Will the new location change the number and type of courses SECO offers?

At SECO, the quality and scope of our educational offerings will always be our first priority, no matter our location. You will find the same education you have come to expect for the entire optometric practice.

What kind of hotels will be available?

We will have a wide range of hotels available throughout the city of New Orleans with options close to the convention center, in the famous French Quarter, and all in between.

Will you still have shuttle buses running in New Orleans?

We will have free SECO shuttle buses running between our hotels and the convention center.

My company is a SECO exhibitor, what will this move mean for me?

Along with the excitement of a city like New Orleans, this move brings with it some other positive changes, including a lower cost for exhibiting, newly energized meeting on all fronts -education, exhibits and events, a recently remodeled, world-class convention center, and competitive hotel selection and rates.