Associated Organizations

Member States

SECO is committed to partnering with our member State Associations to provide value to association members and promote the profession of optometry. SECO International has formal relationships with 12 state optometric associations and three schools of optometry. We work together on issues, concerns and opportunities relating to optometric education. Within our 12 member states, SECO provides annual optometrist and paraoptometric grants totaling more than $40,000. Any practicing optometrist that is a member of the state association of any of these 12 member states is considered a member of the Southern Council of Optometrists and receives a $50 discount when attending the annual SECO Congress.

Associated Organizations

SECO continues to enhance its presence both nationally and internationally. SECO continuously seeks to produce the best continuing education event in optometry and advance the profession of optometry worldwide.

Schools of Optometry

SECO is committed to assisting our member state optometry schools by providing scholarships, education opportunities, etc. to students.

SECO provides:
$18,000 to Nova, SCO and UAB annually:
  • $5,000 Scholarships/Grants
  • $1,000 Clinical Excellence Awards
$5,000 to the Partnership Foundation for Optometric Education (2013)
  • $27,000 SECO Student Program:
  • $100 stipend to students who attend the SECO Student Program